Welcome to the Embassy of Malaysia in The Hague


The Consular Section is opened from Monday to Thursday, from 09:30 – 12:30, except on Malaysian and/or Dutch holidays. Submission of documents for consular services can be done at the time of your appointment. Your documents will be processed immediately

Appointment for Consular Service

Consular services will be given on appointment basis only. Please click the button below to make an appointment for the consular services.

Collection of Malaysian passport and driving license

Please click the button below for more information about the collection of  your Malaysian Passport/Driving license.


My stay exceeds 90 days

We are currently updating our database of Malaysians in The Netherlands. If you have not registered yourself before, please do so by clicking on the button below. If have manually registered before, please re-register yourself by way of online registration.

My stay is less than 90 days

If you are only temporarily (less than 90 days) in the Netherlands for research, conference or even just visiting friends and family. We encourage you to register yourself and your members with the Embassy.