Attestation of documents in relation of the purchasing of property in Malaysia, Certifying True Copies, Statutory Declarations, etc., can be done at the Embassy of Malaysia in The Hague. The documents that you want to have attested will require you to sign the document in front of a Consular Officer at the Embassy. The witnessing Consular Officer will proceed to sign the documents after you have placed your signature(s).

Please bring the following items to your appointment:

  1. Valid passport/ID/IC
  2. Documents to be attested (not yet signed)
  3. Application fee (Please bring the exact amount in cash only)

Documents that are not issued by the Dutch or Malaysian government will need to be verified (Certified True Copy) first by the Embassy of their respective country.


Application type

Application fee

Attestation of document

€10 per signature 

Please note that any signature that is placed in the absence of a Consular Officer will not be accepted.