Children born abroad to Malaysian mothers and non-Malaysian fathers can apply for Malaysian citizenship by registration, under certain conditions specified by the Federal Constitution of Malaysia and its nationality laws. Specifically, this is facilitated by Article 15(2) of the Federal Constitution, which allows for the registration of children under such circumstances.

This application process is designed to ensure that children of Malaysian mothers who are born abroad and may not automatically acquire Malaysian citizenship by descent can still be registered as Malaysian citizens, provided that the application meets the legal requirements and is subject to approvel by the Malaysian authorities.

To make an application for the citizenship of a child born abroad under these circumstances, the Malaysian parent can use Borang B. This form is for the registration of citizenship for children born overseas to Malaysian parents, in cases where the child is not automatically a Malaysian citizen by operation of law.

Please note that both parents and the child must be present during the application at the Embassy.

The following documents are required for the registration of birth:

  1. Passports of both parents
  2. Identity Card(s) of parents
  3. Residence Permits of the parents
  4. Birth certificates of both parents
  5. Malaysian Marriage certificate or marriage certificate in the Netherlands, re-registered at the Embassy.
  6. Passport of the child
  7. Local birth Certificate of the child (must be obtained from the City Hall / Gemeente with English translation)
  8. Consent form (obtained at the Embassy)
  9. Three (3) photographs of the child.
  10. Registration fee (Please bring the exact amount in cash only)

Approval of the citizenship application is not automatic and is subject to various criteria being met. JPN reviews applications based on the Federal Constitution of Malaysia, national policies, and the discretion afforded by the law to the Minister or the relevant authorities.

Application typeApplication fee
Application for Citizenship€15 per application