Any official document (Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, College Degrees, etc.,)  that has been issued by the Dutch government (agency) that you want to use in Malaysia have to be legalized before they are legally accepted. Please visit the CDC (Consulair Dienstcentrum) in The Hague for the verification of your documents. You can find more information on the CDC by following the link below.

After you have received the verification sticker from the CDC, you can make an appointment with the Embassy to have your document legalized for the use in Malaysia. 

Please bring the following items to your appointment:

  1. Valid passport/ID
  2. Documents with the verification sticker from the CDC
  3. Application fee (cash only)

Application type

Application fee

Legalization of document

€15 per document

Visa/legalization agencies must also include an authorization letter.

Please note that the Malaysian Embassy in The Hague is only able to legalize Dutch documents for the use in Malaysia. Legalization of Malaysian documents can only be done by the Embassy of The Kingdom of The Netherlands in Kuala Lumpur.