Malaysians living in the Netherlands who give birth to a child are required to register the child within one year from the date of birth at the Embassy. If the child exceeds the age of one year, the application will have to be referred to the National Registration Department in Malaysia. Both parents and the child have to be present at the time of registration. 

The following documents are required for the registration of birth:

  1. Passports of both parents
  2. Identity Card(s) of parents
  3. Residence Permits of the parents
  4. Birth certificates of both parents
  5. Malaysian Marriage certificate or marriage certificate in the Netherlands, re-registered at the Embassy.
  6. Local birth Certificate of the child (must be obtained from the City Hall / Gemeente with English translation)
  7. Three (3) photographs of the child.
  8. Registration fee (Please bring the exact amount in cash only)
The Embassy will issue a BORANG H to the parents on the day of the application. A new Malaysian Passport application can be handed in as well on the same day.

Application type

Application fee

Registration of birth


New passport application




The above is applicable if the child’s father or both parents are Malaysian citizens. Malaysian mothers with non-Malaysian husbands can apply for citizenship of their child through this link.