Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Programme is an initiative by the Government of Malaysia to attract and allow foreigners who fulfill certain criteria, to stay in Malaysia for as long as possible on a 10-year renewable Social Visit Pass with Multiple Entry Visa. It is open to all foreigners from countries that have diplomatic relations with Malaysia regardless of race, religion, gender or age.


  • Participant will be awarded a 10 year Social Visit Pass with Multiple-Entry Visa and it is renewable (terms and conditions applied)
  • Participant may bring along spouse, unmarried children below 21 years old and parents/ parents – in – law
  • Dependent (Children) aged below 18 years old are permitted to study in Malaysia (terms and conditions applied)
  • Participant aged 50 years old and above may request to work 20 hours per week in critical sectors (terms and conditions applied)
  • Participant may employ one (1) Foreign Domestic Helper from allowed source countries MALAYSIA MY SECOND HOME PROGRAMME
  • The earning from the participant’s offshore investment is not taxable (terms and conditions applied)
  • Participant may purchase any number of residential properties in Malaysia, subject to the minimum price established for foreigners by the different states
  • Participant may purchase any number of residential properties in Malaysia, subject to the minimum price established for foreigners by the different states
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Terms and Conditions

Applicant is required to demonstrate the capability to financially support himself/herself in Malaysia without seeking employment or government assistance. The financial requirements are as follows:




50 & ABOVE


Show proof of an Off-Shore Income
(terms and condition applied)

RM 10,000

RM 10,000

Show proof of Liquid Assets
(terms and condition applied)

RM 500,000

RM 350,000


Place a Fixed Deposit in any local banks in

RM 300,000

RM 150,000

May withdraw the Fixed Deposit on second
year onwards (terms and condition applied)

RM 150,000

RM 50,000

Must maintain the Fixed Deposit throughout
the Programme

RM 150,000

RM 100,000

Applicant must submit Letter of Good Conduct (LOGC) issued by the Police Department or Security Agencies from country of origin or domicile country. If there is any convicted offences stated on the LOGC, application will automatically be rejected. Also, applicant is subject to security vetting by the Malaysian Authorities.

Upon approval, participant and dependent(s) are required to perform medical check-up at any private hospital or registered clinic in Malaysia. If the Medical Report show that either the participant or dependent(s) have any communicable disease, the approval will be revoke. In addition, participant must obtain medical insurance from any insurance company that covers themselves while in Malaysia. However, exemptions may be given if the participants have difficulty in obtaining the medical insurance due to age or medical condition.

For endorsement of the MM2H Social Visit Pass, participant is required to pay the Immigration related fees which includes Social Visit Pass, Multiple Entry Visa and Journey Performed Visa (if required). The total amount will be stated on the Conditional Approval Letter.

Participant is required to pay the Security Bond if he/she applies directly. The rate varies by nationality and ranges from RM200.00 to RM2000.00. If the participant decides to exit from the Programme, he/she may claim for a refund on the security the bond (terms and conditions applied).

On the other hand, participant does NOT have to pay for the Security Bond if participant apply via the MM2H Licensed Agents. The agent will provide the Personal Bond for the participant once the application is approved.

Upon approval, approved applicant will be issued a Conditional Approval Letter in which he/she has to fulfill the remaining conditions within  six (6) months from the date of the letter. In the event that the approved applicant failed to accomplish it within the stipulated period, the approval will automatically be revoked.