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Beginning 29 December 2020 onwards, it is compulsory for all travelers including transit passenger from high risk area outside the EU/Schengen to present a negative COVID-19 test result prior to boarding the aircraft/vessel as well as Negative Test Declaration. Both documents must be carried in hard copy.

Please note, failure/refusal to present these documents may lead to being denied boarding the aircraft/vessel.

Who is required to have a negative COVID-19 test result and Negative Test Declaration?

  1. Individuals with the age of 13 and above
  2. Travelers from outside EU/Schengen
  3. Travelers from outside EU/Schengen Safe Country List
  4. Those who do not fall under exception list


Exception list:-

  1. Individuals under 13 years old;
    Travelers from safe countries (Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, and China).;
  2. Cross border workers and cross border students;
  3. Holders of a diplomatic ID card issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands;
  4. Holders of a foreign diplomatic passport;
  5. Heads of States and Members of Foreign Governments;
  6. Individuals working in transportation sector such as transport of essential goods;
  7. Individuals working in the energy sector including offshore companies that provide services to this sector;
  8. Flight/ferry crew when travelling for the purpose of performing their duties;
  9. Seafarers in possession of a seaman’s book when travelling to perform their duties. This exception does not apply to seafarers on commercial yachts;
  10. Passengers with NATO Travel Order or a NATO-2 visa.


Mandatory information on the COVID-19 test result:

  1. The test report must be in English/German/Dutch/French/Spanish;
  2. Must be a molecular PCR Test and a test for Sars-Cov-2/COVID-19. Other type of tests including rapid tests are not accepted;
  3. Result must be negative(not detected);
  4. The name of the person must match the name in the passport;
  5. Cannot be older than 72 hours upon arrival in The Netherlands;

Starting from the 14th of December 2020, The Ministry of Health has revised the entry procedure for all travellers with regards to the quarantine period. 

  1. Travellers with a negative RT-PCR COVID-19 test report are quarantined for 7 days instead of 14 days.
  2. Travellers without a negative RT-PCR COVID-19 test report are quarantined for 10 days instead of 14 days.

In this regard, it is COMPULSORY for the travelers who wish to enter Malaysia after the above-mentioned date to follow the procedure below:-

  1. To undertake RT-PCR COVID-19 test three(3) days prior to your departure date;
  2. To install mySejahtera application and complete the health declaration form within the application;
  3. To pay all the charges imposed by the Government including COVID-19 test, quarantine and hospital charges (if applicable)


On the 14th of December 2020, the Dutch Government announced it will go into its strictest lockdown yet from 15 December 2020 until at least Tuesday 19 January 2021. 

In order to minimize contact between people, The Embassy has decided to suspend all Consular Services from 21 December until at least 9 February 2021. Your appointment will be cancelled if it falls within the dates above. 

Exceptions are only made in the following cases:

  1. Collection of passports
  2. Renewal of passports
  3. Emergency cases

You can still apply for your Travel Notice per email.

We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause and at the same time ask for your understanding.

Beginning on the 15th of November 2020, all foreign citizens who are allowed to enter Malaysia are REQUIRED to make the payment online via MySafeTravel or MyQr application (by MYEG) for their quarantine cost and COVID-19 test prior to their departure. The online payment system can be accessed via

Malaysian citizens who wish to return to Malaysia after the date above are also encourage to pay via the system prior to their departure. You are only required to disclose the proof of payment during the clearance process at the International Entry Point in Malaysia.

In order to facilitate the quarantine process, all individuals who are allowed to enter Malaysia are required to register themselves via Kuarantin MySejahtera Module at least three (3) days prior to their departure. Registration can be done by scanning the QR Code below using the MySejahtra App:

Following the announcement made by the Government of Malaysia to allow the international students to enter Malaysia to resume their studies starting from 01 January 2021, please find back to campus procedure below:-

 Eligibility to enter Malaysia

  1. Student who hold a valid student pass; or
  2. Student who has a student pass that has expired from the 1st February 2020 onwards


  1. Documents required for issuing Travel Permission
  2. Copy of passport
  3. Copy of flight ticket
  4. Copy of student pass
  5. A duly completed Letter of Undertaking
  6. Copy of Travel Authorization letter issued by EMGS



Please take note that all international students who are allowed to enter Malaysia must undertake RT PCR COVID-19 test three (3) days prior to the departure date. The test result must be in English and must be carried during journey in hardcopy.

All the COVID-19 test while in Malaysia as well as quarantine charges must be paid before leaving for  Malaysia through and please retain the receipt as proof of payment.

Please download the MySejahtera application in your mobile phone and complete the registration process prior to your arrival.

1 January 2021

  1. Effective from 5th October 2020, MM2H Participants who are stranded abroad and wish to re-enter Malaysia are no longer required to register and obtain approval from the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MOTAC). The procedure to re-enter Malaysia will be managed by the Immigration Department of Malaysia.
  2. The transition of roles is to standardize Government agency procedures as well as to ensure effective and efficient services to the customers involved.
  3. MM2H Participants who wish to re-enter Malaysia MUST register with Immigration Department of Malaysia and complete the required information via this link.
  4. The request to re-enter Malaysia is subject to the approval by the Director General of Immigration Department of Malaysia.
  5. Depending on the current threat of COVID-19 in Malaysia, the terms and conditions to re-enter Malaysia may be revised from time to time. Therefore, any new requirement set by the Government of Malaysia upon entry is applicable to MM2H Participant unless otherwise stated.

Thank you.

Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture
5th October 2020